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USB LAN converter New idea: Connect from USB to LAN Rev2
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 You can connect to a device server (LNX-002, LNX-003, etc.) connected via LAN from a PC equipped with USB. LNX-001 is also a device server.
It is also possible to communicate 1: 1 with LNX-001 connected to another PC by tunneling mode.
The connected PC does not need to be connected to the LAN, and various interfaces can be controlled via the LAN even if it is not connected to the LAN due to security issues.
 LNX-001 is the FTDI are using a USB controller, a proven FTDI Inc. can be controlled by the company of the device driver.
It is also possible to operate by directly connecting to LNX-001 from another PC on the network using TCP / IP. * Mounting tools are sold separately


  • Connect from USB to LAN as a device server
  • Connect to external network devices without using a LAN
  • Equipped with FTDI's USB controller for virtual COM port and direct control
  • 1: 1 connection is possible by tunneling mode (transmission mode) using two LNX-001 units.
  • Automatically determines 10Base-T / 100Base-TX
  • Printing to a LAN compatible printer is possible via LNX-001
  • Easy device setting with setting memory card (microSD)
    • Easy migration by exchanging the setting memory card even when exchanging devices
    • Setting data can be sent to remote locations by attaching it to an email, etc.
    • There are no restrictions on the IP address to be set (can be set even outside the segment)
    • Easy backup and recording of settings by saving the settings file
  • Device settings can also be made via the network (LAN) using the original setting tool.
  • Powered from USB, no external power supply required
  • Virtual COM port support
  • Industrial design
  • We will provide your original name plate
    from 50 small lot OEM units .
  • RoHS Directive Regulation 10 No substance used

Connection form

[Connect LNX-001 to a computer on the LAN]

You can access the LAN from the USB port of the PC and communicate with the PC or device on the LAN.

[Tunnel connection between LNX-001]

LNX-001 is connected on LAN and two computers can communicate via virtual COM port.

[Connect LNX-001 and LNX-002 by tunneling and use RS-232C]

LNX-001 and LNX-002 can be connected without the intervention of a PC to control RS-232C far from the PC.

[Connect LNX-001 and LNX-003 by tunneling and use RS-485 / 422]

LNX-001 and LNX-003 can be connected without the intervention of a PC to communicate with RS-485 and RS-422 lines far from the PC.

[Direct connection between LNX-001 and LAN compatible printer]

By connecting to LNX-001 via USB, you can print to various printers compatible with distant networks using the virtual COM port.
* Please check with the demo machine to see if the desired operation is actually obtained.


Model numberLNX-001 
Power supplySupplied from DC5V USB connector (bus power) 
Current consumption350mA or less 
IEEE802.3 (10Base-T), IEEE802.3u (100Base-TX)
Half duplex / Full-duplex (automatic discrimination)
LAN connectorRJ45ESD protection
insulation (1500Vrms or higher)
Communication protocolTCP / UDP 
USB interfaceUSB2.0 compliant (Full Speed ​​compatible)Can also be used with USB 1.1
ESD protection
On-board LSIFT232HFTDI
USB driverVirtual COM port driver * FTDI API available 
Supported OSWindows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP 
Memory card for settingmicroSD cardFor setting this product
communication speed300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600
115200, 230400, 460800, 921600 bps
Data length7 or 8 bits 
Stop pit1 or 2 bits 
parityOdd, even, no parity 
Display LEDPOW: Power indicator LED
RX: Received data indicator LED
TX: Transmitted data indicator LED
SYS: System status LED
LINK (RJ45 connector): LINK status
ACT (RJ45 connector): ACT status
Operating temperature limit-10 to 55 ° CNo condensation, etc.
Operating humidity range30-85% RHNo condensation, etc.
Storage temperature range-20-60 ℃No condensation, etc.
Storage humidity range30-85% RHNo condensation, etc.
Noise resistanceNot specified 
Standards, etc.Not specified 
massAbout 80 [g]only a main part
External dimensions69 x 82.5 x 30 [mm]Does not include protrusions

LNX series configuration tool

 This is an application that creates setting data for the LNX series.

 Insert the created setting data into the setting memory card (microSD) and turn on the power to set automatically.
At this time, a backup file of the setting data is created on the setting memory card (microSD).
The setting data is saved even when the power is turned off, so you do not need to insert the microSD card from the next time.
When you replace the main body of the LNX series, you can easily make the same settings by using the setting memory card (microSD).
If the PC and product are connected in the same segment, it can also be set via the network (LAN).

Product composition

  • Body
  • USB cable
  • microSD card (with USB adapter)
  • Driver CD Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP Compatible  OS List
  • Product manual


Material for this productManual, outline drawing, etc.
3D CAD dataWe will send you the latest Revision 3D data
Download driver support software 
Application for demo machine

We will rent a demo machine for evaluation.
If you wish, please download the loan request form from here.

■ Click here for the old revision page


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